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Tencent invested 30 billion to build the largest data center base in North China, and settled in Zha

Date: 2018-09-15
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Yesterday, Tencent and Zhangjiakou City Huailai County officially signed a contract, announced that it will invest 30 billion yuan to build Tencent North China Information Technology Industry Headquarters base, and settled in the next generation information technology demonstration zone of the capital.

According to the agreement, Tencent will invest in three data center bases in Huailai County of Zhangjiakou City, each covering an area of 350 mu, a total of 1050 mu. After completion in 2022, it will have about 1 million servers on the shelves. It will be the development history of Tencent. The cloud computing integrated industrial base of the largest and highest level in non-core cities."

According to public reports, Tencent is the largest company in the country with a large number of servers. It has 24 integrated data centers in 44 regions and more than 1,300 CDN nodes. The overall scale is the largest in the country. Data storage needs are strongly supported.

It is understood that Tencent North China Data Center is located in the new generation of information technology demonstration zone of the capital, the total planning covers an area of 2,150 acres, from the capital of the mulberry cloud computing industry base (550 acres), the capital of the East Garden cloud computing industry base (800 acres), the capital of the capital · Cuirui cloud computing industry base (800 acres), will soon usher in a giant.

According to reports, climate, electricity, network and talent are the four elements of investment information infrastructure considerations. In the process of Tencent’s settlement, the information technology infrastructure integrated operator Qinhuai Data explored a government-enterprise cooperation. New mode.

Zhu Qunde, deputy secretary of the Huailai County Party Committee and executive deputy director of Shacheng Economic Development Zone, said: "The government has land resources, Huailai Power is sufficient, but meets the needs of the new generation information technology industry 110KV, even 220KV. The substation is not enough, and the high-level backbone network is insufficiently exported, relying entirely on government resources."

In this context, Qinhuai Data explores the cooperation model of government establishment, corporate singing, and joint investment promotion. That is, Huailai County Government and Qinhuai Data jointly invested and established Huailai Information Technology Infrastructure Development Company, which is responsible for demonstration. The professional development and investment operation in the district ensure that the project will be built on time and meet the needs of customers. The customers will fall down and the project will bring industrial benefits to the local area, so as to promote the rapid accumulation of upstream and downstream industrial chains and realize the synergy between the industries. Continued benign development.

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